Our goal is provide you with individualized, top quality care and a pleasant, satisfying experience. That includes ensuring that you are given a comprehensive exam and an appropriate diagnosis, to start. Many people who come to us are embarrassed about their smile and do their best to hide it. Our job is to see that when your treatment is complete, you will no longer be hiding it, but showing it off to the world.

Treatment options today are many and varied and must be decided upon carefully to make sure that the desired results are achieved. We will discuss with you the choices that may be appropriate for you, taking care to consider your desires. Whatever option is chosen, orthodontic care takes commitment and dedication from you.

We promise you that your dedication and our expertise will leave you with a smile that not only will you want to show off; you will feel more confident and have greater self-esteem.


Remember those braces of years past that were big and bulky and made you feel like you had a mouthful of metal? Luckily, those have been done away with for quite some time. Though conventional metal braces are still the most frequently used type of braces today, they are more comfortable, lighter and even work quicker. With the many advances in technology today, a number of options for braces are now available. In our office in Aurora, one of our top choices is Self-Ligating Braces. Unlike metal braces, no bands, ties or elastics are used, allowing freer movement of the teeth. These braces are much less noticeable and treatment time is reduced.  Read More...


Another popular option today is the Invisalign method of treatment. This treatment involves the creation of a series of clear, removable aligners which are custom-made for you. Because they are virtually invisible, they have become quite popular with teens and adults, even celebrities. The aligners place less pressure on teeth than standard braces, so are more comfortable. They are also removable, meaning that eating and personal oral hygiene routines are not a problem. Come in today and speak with our certified specialists about Invisalign. Read More...


The Propel System is a method that is able to reduce orthodontic treatment time up to fifty percent over other forms of treatment. This system is used in conjunction with braces or Invisalign. It expedites the shifting of teeth more precisely through the stimulation of bone remodeling in the upper and lower jaw. Read More...

Soft Tissue Laser Treatment

The use of lasers in orthodontics has become commonplace today. Here in Aurora, our Soft Tissue Laser Treatment is used often when gums are too low or too high on the teeth, giving a person what is known as a “gummy” smile. By re-contouring the gums, we are able to provide you with a much more aesthetically pleasing look. The treatment is quick, painless and comfortable. Read More...

Orthodontic Expansion

A number of young people today are affected by a problem of insufficient space in their upper jaw. The solution most commonly used is orthodontic expansion, or the use of a palatal expander. The device is attached to the upper teeth for the purpose of widening the jaw. Read More...


At times, a TAD, or temporary anchorage device, is needed for a more accurate and precise correction of teeth. It is a titanium alloy screw or pin that is temporarily put into the mouth. As its name indicates, it is similar to an “anchor” that secures a boat. The device is small and smooth and normally unable to be seen. Read More...

Orthodontics Surgical Treatment

Our expert orthodontists occasionally discover a problem that requires more than orthodontic treatment. When this occurs, orthodontics surgical treatment may be needed. Common issues that would fall into this category include severe tooth misalignment or irregularities of the jaw bone. In these cases, further examination and consultation will be necessary to determine the exact treatment required. Read More...

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