Invisalign Treatment in Aurora

An option that has become quite popular is the Invisalign method. It consists of custom-made aligners that fit over the teeth. They are clear and unnoticeable by those around you. They are removable, meaning no food restrictions as with standard braces. This also allows you to continue your oral hygiene habits as normal.

Invisalign provides greater comfort because less tension is placed on the teeth. There is also the advantage of a reduced treatment time meaning less visits and no tightening. For the desired results, you must wear the aligners every day for a minimum of twenty hours. One set of aligners stays in the mouth for approximately two weeks at which time they are replaced by the next set.


Treatment Planning

In order to determine whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign, our highly trained orthodontist in Aurora will complete a thorough exam followed by a discussion with you to ensure that you are prepared for the dedication that is needed to make the treatment a success.

If the Invisalign method is to be used, a 3D image of your mouth will be sent to the lab where the aligners will be prepared. Another visit to our office will be scheduled for complete instructions on the use of the aligners and to ensure the proper fit.

Maximizing Treatment

Obtaining successful results with your treatment will be largely dependent upon your commitment to follow the orthodontist’s directions completely. It is vital that the aligners are worn at least twenty hours each day. Though there are no restrictions on food, it is still necessary to ensure that you are brushing and flossing properly at least twice a day. Keep track of the time that you are wearing the aligners and make sure that they are replaced at the proper time. Once treatment is complete, your orthodontist will likely have you use a retainer to maintain the teeth’s stability and make sure they remain in their proper place.

Invisalign Benefits

     Virtually invisible
     Decreased treatment time
     No food restrictions
     No special oral hygiene required


We believe it is important to ensure that the correct options are chosen for straightening our patients’ teeth. The choice of Invisalign is often thought to be much more expensive than some other choices. The reality is that it is quite a cost-effective solution when its advantages are brought forth. For one, there are fewer visits required and treatment time is reduced, saving time and money. Because the aligners are clear and removable, they are versatile and allow greater independence for the patient.

If you would like to learn more about Invisalign, contact us today.

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